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 Hailey's Creatives: Rules

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PostSubject: Hailey's Creatives: Rules   January 29th 2012, 6:07 am

These rules must be followed!
Here, at Hailey's Creatives, we work in a very specific way.
Here's what happens when you break rules.

1. First warning. You will be told of your error in the thread, also, you will recieve a PM telling you what you did wrong. No consequences will be taken.

2. Second warning. Again, you will be told in the thread and will recieve a PM. However, this time around, we will put down your warning in our records.

3. Short ban. This time, no warnings will be given. You will get a short ban. (1-7 days)

4. Permanent ban. If you still haven't gotten the point, you will permanently get banned.

However, depending on the situation, we might decide that you deserve to skip to #3 or #4.

Double Posting
Do not double post, please!

Inappropriate Content
Do not post any content that may be inappropriate for some ages/races/sexual orientations. No nudity, no racism, no homophobic comments and no rude comments towards women or men.

We only tolerate one signature.
This is a writing site, you don't need multiple signatures.
The signatures cannot stretch the page.
Don't have any GIFs, please.

"Spamming" refers to making a post that doesn't refer or productively add to the topic in which it is posted. Smileys are considered spam. Do not spam.

If you follow these four simple rules, we will all enjoy ourselves!
Have fun!
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Hailey's Creatives: Rules
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